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Ed Squire - Visible Kindness
Ed Squire - Visible Kindness

Incredible show and mission!  Ed is one of the sincerest people I have ever met, and he pours his heart and SOUL into this podcast.  Amazing conversations and topic.

Must listen!

Heather Parady

Ed clearly is a passionate human being who is on a mission to be a change-maker through this platform. This is easily going to be a part of my podcast rotation.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Brock Richard

“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love” and Ed Squire is on a mission to spread it. Kindness isn’t dead despite what the media outlets might try to lead us to believe. From the very first episode, we get to meet another fellow human who shares how enriched his life has become through being kind.

I’ll keep listening. I hope you will too.


Podcast Episodes

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